Monday, January 21, 2013

DIY Vanilla Extract

Thank you Code Boyfriend for taking my very large hint and getting me vanilla beans for Christmas.

I've been dying to try to make my own vanilla extract, but vanilla beans are just so darn expensive. On a college budget, it's very easy to say, "Oh this will cost less than buying tiny bottles of vanilla extract in the long run". 

But then 1 vanilla bean at Wegman's is 9 dollars.

"They're cheaper online," the internet screamed at me. But they were never cheap enough for me to take the plunge on my own accord. 

So, imagine my excitement when I unwrapped a package of 5 Madagascar vanilla beans from Code Boyfriend.

After much internet searching, I couldn't decide whether I wanted to use borbon or vodka to extract the delicious perfume from the beans.

So I split the difference and made both. 1 mason jar each.

Once I start baking with them, I'll let you know if I can tell any difference at all.

  • 2 - 1 pint mason jars
  • 5 Vanilla Beans
  • 1 and a 1/2 cups of vodka and bourbon
Split all of the vanilla beans down the middle and in half, and divide them up evenly into both sterile mason jars. I pulled my directly from a very hot dish washer. Trust me, you don't want contaminated vanilla.

Pour in enough of your chosen alcohol to cover the beans. Since I cut mine in half, this ended up being around 1 and a half cups of each type of booze. 

Store in a cool, dark place, shaking daily to distribute the vanilla. 

The internet tells me they will be ready in 5 weeks. I'll post a follow up picture then!

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  1. You have to tell which one tastes better, too!